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This site is intended to support the millions of individual citizens and businesses seeking to deal successfully with the devastating results of the government’s intentional and incompetent Covid-19 strategies.

On March 7, 2020, I begin having flu symptoms while vacationing in Southern California. I returned home to Michigan and for the next two weeks I suffered flu symptoms. After recovery I remained home bound during the same time frame that a “global pandemic” was declared and most of our community was forced into a locked down environment restricted from work and confined to our residences. My investigation began immediately on my recovery with resources including a new bookshelf of publications along with 100s of hours (now 1000s) seeking additional information provided by multiple internet searches and suggestions from other resourceful people. I did not and do not regularly watch television. Sixty days later on May 14, 2020, I wrote my first “overview” of the national circumstance and sent a one-page reflection to multiple individuals including the chamber legislative committee, government, and institutional representatives. Virtually, no single person agreed and instead we chatted about the “free government funds” and how we could help offset the considerable damage being propagated on businesses and individuals by the “dangerous” virus. If I questioned the narrative and when I requested a dialogue, “conspiracy theory!!” was the reaction. At the same time discerning people suspected that the conspiracy is real and not a theory and that it is still active as we approach the end of the second year. Today we continue to live in a community of government coerced fear, sacrificing the health of our very own children by forcing them to wear masks and even face the threat of participating in a vaccine experiment so we can “feel” safe.

This is an unbelievable unconscionable act of desperation and clearly constitutes government driven “Crimes Against Humanity.”

If you have retained your God given ability of discernment, the information shared on this website may help prepare you and your family for the future. It is increasingly certain that the fear mongering propagated by the powerful will not cease.


The Truth Guild

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